Thursday, 16 April 2015

Carine Roitfeld collaborates with Uniqlo

Japanese brand Uniqlo continues to champion French Chic with the Carine Roitfeld Collection for autumn/winter 2015. The global fashion director for Harper's Bazaar and former editor of French Vogue has said that she's dressed the same way for the last 20 years, so I'm thinking: pencil skirts, boyfriend shirts, couple of chic dresses and a cheap tuxedo, all with the trademark mussed up, rock and roll edge.

Photos: Harper's Bazaar

Photos: Elle

When talking grown-up style with the Guardian, Roitfeld dismissed the mutton dressed as lamb scenario with the following advice:

'As you get older, you must never share your wardrobe with your daughter. You have to wear something for your age or you will look really ridiculous. There are too many 50-year-olds dressing as 20-year-olds. You have to look every five years at your wardrobe and say: "Is it OK to wear this with my legs? Is it OK to wear sleeveless with my arms?' Then you have a cull. It's not nice but you have to do it.'

Oh and anyone know what's happened to Ines?

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

What to wear to your own book signing

In case you were wondering what the grown-up lady author about town wears for special events; that's me signing books at Bath in Fashion. The Showbiz Jacket is by the Belgian label Essentiel and I found it in a sale shop in Antwerp. I'm not so selfie-obsessed and so never really make the most of  photo opportunities. If I was a proper fashion blogger I'd be lounging on this plush velvet seat at the Francis Hotel with a carefully positioned product or two:

Ne'er mind. The Francis Hotel was lovely, by the way. Fabulous location (centrally positioned and set in a beautiful square full of gorgeous Georgian townhouses), friendly staff and a decent breakfast. What more could you want? I'll definitely be going back. And if you're planning a trip to Bath, I can highly recommend it. 

The talk went well. What a FABulous crowd and we had lots of fun at the Q&A afterwards; there was an impromptu scarf-tying session, and when a woman shouted out,  'Bottoms', a couple of volunteers gave us a twirl and demonstrated 'How to wear leggings in a bum-flattering way'.

The following day I bumped into beautiful Jean Woods. The Fabulous Fashionista told me that she's given up modelling to concentrate on her day job at the Bloomsbury store, I'm sure she must be mobbed by adoring fans asking for photos, all the time, ahem.

I asked Mr That's Not My Age to take another photo of the Showbiz Jacket in all its sparkling glory. This is the outfit I wore for drinks with friends on the Style Forever publication day. The grey embossed suede boots were very kindly sent to me by Seven Boot Lane, who coincidently have a shop in Bath, if you're in the area.

And don't forget if you'd like a chance to meet the author, I'll be signing copies of Style Forever exclusively at Duke Street Emporium on Thursday 16 April from 5pm - 7.30pm.

Hope you can make it.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Menopause at Work

One of my friends has become 'obsessed with the menopause' and she sent me a link to this feature on Get The Gloss. In a report, Dr Ros Altmann, a government campaigner for older workers says that 'women are forced out of jobs due to the menopause,' because this subject is still taboo and 'just not on the work radar... women get no support in the workplace.' Advising the government on how to keep over-50s in the workforce, the doctor mooted the idea of training for employers on how to manage the menopause but said she'd have to be brave because 'nobody ever wants to talk about it.'

I'm not quite sure how I feel about the idea of a Menopause Training Day; be good to reduce the stigma in an air-conditioned room with lots of iced water and empathetic colleagues - but who's going to tell our male workmates that they might want to sit this one out...

For more practical information, I found a blog post on The Menopause at Work on The Menopause Exchange site.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Older models: Eveline Hall

Photo: Urban Zintel Photography

Having worked as a ballerina, an actress and a Las Vegas showgirl, Eveline Hall was in her mid sixties when she started modelling. I noticed this week that the French brand American Vintage has used her in their latest ad campaign. Which is good news, it's just a shame they've dressed her in such dreary clothes.

The American Vintage execs should have followed the Guardian's All Ages line-up for a lesson in How Not To Dress A Mature Model. Hall looks so much more striking in monochrome or red, or monochrome and red:

Photo: Stylebook

Photo: Urban Zintel
Photo: Citizen K

But, I do like American Vintage t-shirts and own the Jacksonville v-neck in a range of different colours. Available to buy in a selection of neutral shades and non-dreary electric blue HERE.

And I will be adding these images to my new ' Gorgeous Grey Hair' Pinterest board. You can follow me on Pinterest HERE.

Photo: Citizen K

There was a great Eveline Hall quote in French Elle (which I found via A Femme d'Un Certain Age; thanks, Tish):

' What's the best age? I would say it's this very moment. I would like to be an inspiration for young women, to prove there are no age limits. My face reflects my life, my personality. One has to forget about surgery and liftings, one can be beautiful and sexy, but one can no longer be young.'

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Inspirational Women: Christy Turlington Burns and Every Mother Counts

Christy Turlington Burns in Maison Margiela jumpsuit, available HERE

It's the fabulous Christy Turlington Burns in an Industrial Onesie (I'm still loving mine ). The May issue of Red magazine has the super supermodel on the cover, a gorgeous series of photos by Arthur Elgort and a feature about the Every Mother Counts charity. Founded by CTB, Every Mother Counts supports women around the world by raising money for maternal health care. I met Turlington when she first launched a yoga range and I was a fashion editor, needless to say she was lovely and charming and going Goop way before Gwyneth.

TOMS has also teamed up with Turlington's charity on a limited edition range of Every Mother Counts canvas bags:

TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie and Christy Turlington Burns

I'm going to buy my mum one for her birthday.