Thursday, 18 September 2014

The essential jumpsuit

That's me in a jumpsuit. And no, I am not doing a spot of painting and decorating - though I have to admit that since the holiday I've been on a serious mission to spruce up That's Not My Age Mansions. You know what it's like when you come back and everything looks shit. Well, that has turned me into a De-cluttering Demon. Mr That's Not My Age is scared (mainly for the safety of his vast CD collection). Anyhow. I've embraced the jumpsuit, all-in-one, whatever. Purchased at the start of summer from MHL, this is proper French workwear. The fabric is quite heavy duty so I've been waiting for it to cool down again, otherwise I'm boiling in my boilersuit. Commonly referred to as my Industrial Onesie, it makes getting dressed so easy, I want one in every available colour/fabric. And, all that 'going to the loo is such a palaver' stuff is nonsense. Believe me, I go a lot. You just have to be careful not to drop the arms down the toilet bowl (or onto the urine-splattered floor of a public loo) - and try your best not to wee on them. It's simple.

The best lighter-weight version I've seen is from Whistles, £155, available HERE.

How do you feel about the jumpsuit? Are we all-in-one together?

Monday, 15 September 2014

Older models at TK Maxx

More grown-up gorgeousness from TK Maxx. The brand's fabulous Me. By Me campaign for autumn features 55-year-old graphic designer Angelika Plag who was spotted in a Berlin store.


Saturday, 13 September 2014

Quote of the week: Emma Thompson

Photo: Nick Haddow

Whether she's speaking her mind at the Grammys or on a voyage to the Arctic with Greenpeace (to highlight global warming), I bloody love Emma Thompson. When asked if 50 is the new 35 in an interview in today's Guardian Weekend magazine, the 55-year-old actress replies:

'Can I just say very loudly, bollocks. Not to recognise getting older for what it is...I do think the infantalisation of our generation is one of the human issues of our time. People wanting to be 35 when they're 50 makes me think: why? Why don't you be 50 and be good at that?'

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Style Inspiration: Corduroy

I'm in a total back to work tizzy this week. The summer holiday over, autumn term at university has just karate chopped me in the kidneys. A new department too. And having spent all summer writing The Book, I have a ton of work to do. Is that the sound of the world's smallest violin playing in the background? Or it could be the squeal of an urban fox, we get a few of those around these parts. Anyhow. I'm cooing over corduroy, again. Absolutely loved this Margaret Howell trench coat (above) when I saw it on the catwalk earlier this year and it feels just right for now. There's something quite cosy and comforting about this tactile fabric. The Charlotte Gainsborough X Current Elliott trench isn't any cheaper but it is oh-so chic and oversized. Cord trench, £1050, available HERE.

Obligatory photo of Charlotte in a boyfriend shirt:

Then there's the Charlotte Gainsbororugh X Current Elliot mid-rise straight leg red cord jean, £275, available HERE. As a teenager, I had a pair of red cords I thought they were a bit punk rock...

Could be good with the Toga Pulla buckle boots, non? Suede boots, £325, available HERE.

On a more purse-friendly note, J Crew's regular toothpick cords come in a range of colours and are reduced to £38, available HERE.

Or how about some kilt action from Boden? Jumbo Cord Kilt, £49, available HERE.

Also available in navy HERE. This would look lovely with a black cashmere roll neck.

As would a chic pair of navy cord jeans from Paige. Mid-rise skinny cord jeans, £190, available HERE.

Then there's the soft cord tunic top from Toast in darkest navy, £95, available HERE. Double cord anyone?

And the cinnamon soft cord shirt dress, £115, available HERE.

But I guess what I really need is an old-school academic jacket with leather elbow patches.

Onwards and sideways.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Bright Red Coat

As I was walking past the M&S Marble Arch store t'other day, this fantastic flame red cocoon coat caught my eye. I nipped inside to have a closer look; it has a lovely mohair-y texture, a belt detail at the back and really is fantastic. And another thing... the flame red cocoon coat is Per Una. The popular, Nancy-Dell'-Olio-on-a-budget, M&S sub-brand has recently been repositioned and is aiming for more chic than chintz. I'd wear this. And I don't think I've ever said that about anything from Per Una before.

The Per Una Speciale cocoon coat (currently 20% off) is available for £127.20 HERE